About Us


To promote social-emotional self-sufficiency among the low-income families and individuals of Baltimore County. Its personal leadership development, educational and human service programs shall be directed towards that goal.


Serenity and Grace Healthcare LLC. will empower individuals and families through transformative and innovative programs that are international models of success. By 2025 S&G will be an agency which operates efficiently and frequently solicits and uses input from a wide array of community stakeholders. S&G will effectively serve individuals throughout Baltimore County, as evidenced by accurate and reliable outcome data which is shared both internally and externally.

Owner & CEO

"The same grace the Good Lord gives us to make it another day we need to give to our community members. We must have the highest efficacy for this work and remind ourselves constantly to function through serenity." 

-John Lee, CEO

John Lee, our visionary CEO. Stepping into the mental health arena as a catalyst for change and holistic well-being. With a background in education consultancy and a passion for personal leader ship, he's now driving transformation in mental health. His goal empower individuals to thrive through comprehensive care and Holistic Growth.

Chief Operating Officer

"I came to Serenity and Grace because I believe in the mission of the company. I want to bridge the opportunity gap and make systemic change."

-Imani Louden, COO

Imani Louden, our esteemed COO, not only brings over eight years of dedicated experience in education and leader ship roles were also a parallel commitment to the mental health field. Her impressive journey spans teaching, coaching, and instructional leadership, making her a dynamic force in our organization.

Clinical Director

"I came to Serenity and Grace because I believe in the ability to reach all people just takes time and patience. I believe in the mission and John's direction."

-Nicole Kafka, LCSW-C

Nicole is a current LCSW-C (Board Approved Clinical Supervisor) with over 10 years of experience in the mental health field.